Welcome to Chocotastery's Press Kit! 

On the following pages you will find relevant information about our company. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! We look forward to working with you in the near future! 

About Chocotastery 

Chocotastery is the premier destination for chocolate education and tasting experiences. 

We offer our customers an opportunity to deepen their appreciation, love, and enjoyment for craft chocolate. During our events customers will learn about where chocolate comes from, how it is made, and participate in a guided tasting of cocoa beans and dark craft chocolate bars.

About Our Impact

We donate a portion of proceeds from our tastings and online orders to help improve the livelihood of cacao farmers in cacao producing origins around the world.

We accomplish this by partnering with members of the chocolate industry who we know and trust and support their businesses by purchasing their chocolate and promoting their stories. This allows us to realize the power and possibility of connection and create a fun and empowering landscape where we can learn about chocolate, taste unique chocolate and discover how we can positively impact the industry together.

We donate a portion of our proceeds every month to the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund to support a number of cacao farmers around the world.

Learn more about our Impact.

About Our Founder & Chocolate Sommelier

Our Founder and Chocolate Sommelier, Glenn Petriello, has over a decade of combined experience as a chocolatier, chocolate maker and chocolate sommelier and has brought together hundreds of people across the world to learn about where chocolate comes from, how it’s made, and are then guided through a tasting of craft chocolate bars. 

As a graduate of chocolate and cacao focused classes from Ecole Chocolat, Fine Chocolate and Cacao Institute, International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting, International Culinary Center (now merged into ICE) and Institute of Culinary Education, Glenn has experience in crafting chocolate confections, creating his own line of bean to bar chocolate bars as well as making chocolate for Indi Chocolate in Seattle, WA and has since taught hundreds of people on these topics. In addition, he was a judge for the Chocolate Alliance Awards.

If you are looking to ask Glenn any questions on starting up your own chocolate making journey, purchasing and/or tasting chocolate, hiring him for a private tasting or to ask him random chocolate questions, feel free to reach out to him for a free consultation.

Learn more about our Chocolate Services.

About Our Corporate Gifting Options

We are able to lead Virtual Chocolate Tastings or curate craft chocolate collections in various sizes for all of your gifting needs. Please read more of our corporate gifting options via our Corporate Gifting Lookbook.

About Our Virtual Chocolate Tastings

Join Chocotastery on an exclusive corporate virtual chocolate education and tasting journey to deepen your love and appreciation for craft chocolate.


Learn directly from an expert chocolate sommelier who has experience as a chocolatier, chocolate maker, and chocolate educator, has been certified in tasting chocolate and cacao, and has educated hundreds of people on these very topics.

This exclusive 1.5 hour virtual chocolate tasting experience is a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Gain knowledge of how chocolate is made, hands on training to mindfully taste chocolate, and discover the fine flavored nuances and craftsmanship of four (4) craft chocolate bars. These bars are handcrafted by skilled craft chocolate makers, with varying percentages of cacao from different cacao producing regions around the world. In addition, you will receive two roasted cocoa beans from different regions to crack open and taste during your experience.

  • Where chocolate comes from
  • How chocolate is made
  • How to mindfully taste chocolate
  • Enjoys chocolate and is curious to learn more about it (we refer to you as those who are "Chocolate Curious")
  • Wants to deepen their love for chocolate in a fun and educational way
  • Wants to improve their chocolate tasting palate
  • Loves chocolate and wants to hang out with other chocolate lovers and enthusiasts
  • Wants to experience a fun virtual event with friends and/or family

When you purchase a virtual chocolate tasting experience with Chocotastery you will receive an exclusive chocolate tasting kit which includes:
  • Four (4) Craft Chocolate Bars (retail ~$8 to $10+ each)
  • Two (2) Roasted Cocoa Beans
  • Chocotastery's Chocolate Tasting Guide and Chocolate Tasting Sheet

Virtual Admission: $67 per household

This registration fee includes FREE shipping domestically in the USA via UPS Ground or UPS 2 Day Shipping.

For International Customers, we welcome you to join! Please email us at support@chocotastery.com before you make your purchase so that we can work out all of the shipping logistics with you. International Shipping may incur an additional fee based on your country and customs fees. 


A portion of our proceeds from each Virtual Chocolate Tasting admission will be donated to a charitable cause to support the increasing of the livelihood of cacao farmers and their families in cacao producing countries around the world. Learn more about our impact on our website.


Glenn Petriello is the founder of Chocotastery. He is applying his 10+ years of chocolate experience which includes creating chocolate confections, making chocolate bean to bar, tasting craft chocolate and educating others on these topics to share his passion for chocolate and educate chocolate consumers and enthusiasts to deepen their love and appreciation for craft chocolate through fun, educational virtual chocolate experiences.


Shipping is included in the price and so you will not be charged any shipping at checkout. Only NJ customers are subject to sales tax.

About Our Curated Craft Chocolate Collections

Allow our expert Chocolate Sommelier, Glenn Petriello, to curate a memorable & delectable collection of the world's best craft chocolate bars.

Once we receive your order, we will email you to review logistics and to see if any of those receiving any of the gift collections have any dietary restrictions and/or food allergies. Please include all shipping information and preferred delivery date(s) at time of checkout. 

The Essential Craft Chocolate Collection includes four (4) craft dark chocolate bars ranging in cacao percentage from 70% to 85%. Each bar is handcrafted with cacao from different regions around the world by some of the world’s best craft chocolate makers based in the USA or across the globe. Pricing starts at $55. 

The Ultimate Craft Chocolate Collection includes seven (7) craft chocolate bars. In addition to five (5) dark chocolate bars ranging in cacao percentage from 70% to 85% you will get at least two (2) dark milk, milk, white or inclusion chocolate bars. Each bar is handcrafted with cacao from different regions around the world by some of the world’s best craft chocolate makers based in the USA or across the globe. Pricing starts at $75.

The Complete Craft Chocolate Collection includes 14 craft chocolate bars. In addition to ten (10) dark chocolate bars ranging in cacao percentage from 70% to 85% you will get one (1) dark milk, milk, white and inclusion chocolate bar. Each bar is handcrafted with cacao from different regions around the world by some of the world’s best craft chocolate makers based in the USA or across the globe. Pricing starts at $150.

Included in this collection are our Chocolate Tasting Resources to assist you in creating a memorable experience, helping you discover the irresistible range of unique flavors and aromas of each bar.

A Gift Note Card with a customized, personal message to your gift recipient(s) is included with each gift box purchase.

Shipping: Ground or 2-Day shipping via UPS to the 48 continental United States is included in the above pricing. For Alaska or Hawaii shipments there is an additional charge. For all international shipments, we ship using UPS International options where we try to get shipments delivered within 2-3 days. There will be an additional fee to cover the additional cost of the international shipping and customs fees. 

About our Single Origin Chocolate Cashew Spread

During the weekend of November 5th and 6th, 2022, we launched our first product at the Northwest Chocolate Festival in Seattle, Washington. We sold out of all 48 jars we had with us and those who tried it loved it! 

Chocotastery’s Single Origin Chocolate Cashew Spread was crafted with the finest cocoa beans and cashews transparently sourced from Tanzania.

Organic cocoa was sourced from the Kokoa Kamili Cooperative that works with nearly 3,000 shareholder farmers in the Mbingu Village located in the Morogoro Region of southern Tanzania.

The highest quality, AA grade, W-180 size cashews were sourced from the Makonde Plateaus in southern Tanzania.

These cashews are known as the “King if Cashew,” the largest in size, and the most expensive in the world.

Each jar is 6oz (170 grams) and only has 4 ingredients: cashews, chocolate (cocoa beans and organic cane sugar), organic cane sugar and sea salt. This product contains tree nuts and is vegan, gluten free, and soy free.

We found that among chocolate companies there are plenty of other chocolate nut spreads with hazelnuts, pistachios, or even macadamia nuts, however there is not much love for the cashew. We went through great lengths to source the highest quality cashews to fill this gap and paired it with the best organic cocoa from Tanzania.

Each jar sells for $20.00 on our website and will be sold in small limited batches.  

About our E-Gift Cards

Finding the perfect gift for the chocolate lover just got so much easier! Send a customizable Chocotastery e-gift card with your message and choose when you want us to electronically delivery it. Even better, you can upload a video message to add a nice personalized touch. Gift card denominations range from $25 to $1000 however, you can choose any custom amount that you wish.

Learn more about our e-gift cards

About our Chocolate Recommendation Quiz

Are you new to craft chocolate or are you sometimes overwhelmed with the selection of chocolate bars and not sure where to start? Do you have chocolate shopper anxiety?

Well, no worries! We got you covered. We will help you find great craft chocolate bars that fit your budget in no time and all you have to do is answer a few questions and we'll share our recommendations with you immediately straight to your inbox.

Allow us to cure all the unnecessary stress because at the end of the day, chocolate should be fun, enjoyable and a luxurious treat for you or for those who you shop for!

Learn more about our Chocolate Recommendation Quiz.

About our Trip to Uganda in 2022

In January 2022 we decided to adventure to Uganda with the Moka Origins team to explore cacao, coffee, and vanilla. We were hosted by the team at Latitude Cacao & Latitude Craft Chocolate.

Check out some of the fondest moments I've experienced during the two week visit here. If you're interested in using any of these photos for any press related purposes, please contact me prior for consent. 

About our Clients

We are truly grateful for all of the companies who have trusted us to educate and entertain their employees and/or clients via our Virtual Chocolate Tastings or to curate craft chocolate gift boxes for them over the years.

Learn more about our clients.

Affiliate Program

We are grateful for all those who would like to promote and support our small business. We have created an affiliate program where you will earn up to 5% on all approved sales from our website.

Learn more about and sign up for our Affiliate Program.

Additional Information

If you need any additional information on any aspect of our company, products, or services or would like to feature or interview Glenn in any publication or podcast, please reach out to Glenn directly at glenn@chocotastery.com